Opportunities to meet companies research centers and public administrations working in the area of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Data and its management are changing our lives. Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing and revitalizing all industrial activities. Companies are facing new challenges but also seizing the opportunities offered by the fourth industrial revolution.
SMM2022 is an important opportunity to stay up to date on the latest corresponding advanced technologies, the demand for innovation from institutions and cities, new applications from SMEs and technical challenges faced by large companies.
SMM2022 includes an integrated set of events: B2B, Webinar, local events.


B2B - Brokerage Event

Provides a unique opportunity to meet companies, research centers and public administrations working in Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.
The BE@SMM2021 will be organized as a virtual matchmaking event, this means that all 1:1 meeting will be held online. You do not need any additional software, only an up-to-date web browser, a microphone and a webcam.

Webinar 4.0

Webinar4.0@smm2021 includes webinars held by specialists and related to smm2022 topics.


Local Events

Events in which local actors and stakeholders of the regional innovation ecosystem are involved